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Feed Them Horse Tweets

I’m banging this out at the end of the day. I’m becoming a little bit less of a clueless Twitter newbie, and I wanted to record my thoughts. Here are five things to consider about Twitter as you ease into … Continue reading

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Five Vehicular Hiccups in P-cola

During a recent visit with my son in toasty (95F +) Pensacola, I spotted an assortment of unusual vehicles as I walked, ran and rode around. How toasty was it? As Dave McBride from News Radio 1620, said one day, … Continue reading

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Dr. Twitter, I Presume?

Machete in hand, the intrepid explorer hacks his way slowly through the social media jungle, pausing now and again, cocking an ear to new sounds from the canopy. Hey, what’s that twittering noise? It’s getting too loud to ignore… The … Continue reading

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Grate Problem to Have on a Beautiful Day

I was fortunate to be able to take a little bike ride this morning. Well, maybe not so little. (More on that later.) On Route 441, not far south of the Route 23 intersection, there’s a storm sewer grate that’s … Continue reading

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City Rat Bike

I’m always on the lookout for interesting bikes whenever I get downtown.  Most any bike one sees chained up on the sidewalk is a beater, but a few of them are elegant as well. Last week in downtown Lancaster, Mary … Continue reading

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