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CUPRAP and the Perfect Storm, Part I

The Great Recession plucked me from a marketing position earlier this year and flung me back into the world of freelance. This unexpected change has had its good and bad aspects; one of the good is a more flexible schedule. … Continue reading

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Has Twitter’s Epic Fail Begun?

A friend and business associate asked me what I thought of Michael Schutzler’s recent post  #twitter bullshit math? If you don’t have time to read it, here’s the abridged version: once the novelty wears off, Twitter will be nothing more than a cool … Continue reading

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Dumb Suburban Guy Makes Up 3 Rules for Tweeting

“PEOPLE LOVE LISTS,” the gruff, cigar-chewing editor-in-chief was shouting into the spittle-flecked mouthpiece. “GIVE ‘EM LISTS.”  Ever since that ear-opener from my stinky old boss many years ago, I’ve done my best to write coherent, compelling prose without gratuitously embedding … Continue reading

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