Your Business Needs a Writer: 5 Reasons Why

In this modern era of the Interwebs, every business is a publishing business. As a result, instead of being clustered exclusively at magazines and newspapers, writers are finding their way into into a variety of companies, whose owners are finding a need for writing ability that didn’t exist ten years ago.

If you run a business, you may already know people who write well and are versatile. Sure, they have talent with words– they didn’t get to be pros without getting their point across clearly in a style appropriate to the audience, all while avoiding grammatical and punctuation errors.

But what about their other skills, such as the ability to research a topic quickly and thoroughly? Suppose you find a writer who also knows his or her way around the Web and social media? Now you have someone who can affect a company’s bottom line in all sorts of ways, with powerful, polished writing that resonates with customers, staff, suppliers, business partners, and the world. Here are five points to ponder:

1. Professional writing applies not just to websites, marketing and advertising, but to business letters, conference summaries, internal documents, knowledge bases, even articles for submission to publications. Published articles in industry trade journals are a wonderful way to complement your marketing strategy, raise awareness of your brand and increase your company’s prestige in the minds of customers. All the above will have a positive effect on revenue.

2. Website content management – Are there errors, bad links, and outdated information on your company website because nobody updates it regularly? Is your site being optimized to attract search traffic, and organized to serve visitors efficiently? Is there any reason for people to read what’s on your site? Time after time, usability studies show that if you build a clean, compelling website, you’ll have a competitive advantage.

3. Search engine optimization and marketing (SEO and SEM) – Do you have anyone in charge of these areas? A writer’s skills figure heavily in these word-based disciplines. Hiring a writer to manage them could make a big difference in leads, conversions, and sales.

4. Social media marketing – Agencies can help get you started, but who inside your company is paying daily attention? Knowing what’s being said online about your business is important to protect your business reputation. You can’t fake this or hand it off to outsiders. Learn by interacting with customers, both happy and unhappy. If nobody at all is mentioning your business online, it’s the perfect time to step in and take control of your online image!

5. Effective email campaigns – Here too, an internal staff person who can write professional copy, hire graphic designers, set up and manage mailing lists, administer and track results can be more effective– and cost-effective– than an outside agency.

The list of potential uses for a writer goes on and on. How about powerfully written request for testimonial letters? Use of testimonials on websites and other marketing media can greatly increase the odds of acquiring a new customer. What about customer surveys? Even small companies can benefit from regularly polling their customers and analyzing responses.

Now that I’ve advocated the idea, where can you find such a person? You’re reading one of his blog posts right now. How’s that for a call to action?


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3 Responses to Your Business Needs a Writer: 5 Reasons Why

  1. ken says:

    If you read this entire post, please vote in the poll at right.

  2. Hi Ken,
    I was talking to my brother today about Market Samurai. He works for a loan mod company and he was telling me that his company had paid $1000s of dollars to some company to do all of their SEO and marketing.

    I was thinking, man I could do the same thing for them for half of the price. Yes, most companies will outsource the writing, and SEO because they just don’t have the time to learn how to do it themselves.

    take care…

  3. ken says:

    @Justin | Personal Growth
    I think you’re right, Justin; a good freelancer, if you can find one, can provide much more value than an agency.

    That’s where I’ve been coming from for years. Everyone wants to outsource writing and SEO, and– to take the same idea further– they should be nurturing these as core competencies by putting an expert on staff.

    Thanks for your comment.

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