To my fans (both of you): My wife and one friend said to take down the geezer-in-plaid-shirt photo.

Hello, I’m Ken Stadden. Most of my writing, editing, marketing and computer shenanigans these days are focused on providing websites, blogs, marketing emails and social media for various-sized businesses and educational organizations.

I also continue to build websites for hire, primarily on the WordPress platform. I recently studied at Hubspot and received their “Certifiable Inbound Marketing Professional” — or something like that — certification. My wife always said I was certifiable. So I think that’s for certain.

My work blog is directinjectionmarketing.com/blog. The blog you’re currently reading is for fun, as is my other personal blog, 3tweets.com. You might also enjoy http://pinterest.com/kstadden/ if you’re into cars, bicycles, and mechanical oddities.

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