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Where Will Lance Armstrong Go From Here?

Non-cycling friends and relatives have been cautiously asking what I think about Lance Armstrong for a while now. I’d been rooting for him ever since I saw him and Frankie Andreu race in the streets of Lancaster, PA around the … Continue reading

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My 3 Worst Blog Posts EVER

I started my personal blog about everything, called MacroBlog, in May 2009, not long after my job succumbed to the slow asphyxiation of the the Great Recession. In the following three and a half years I (a) wrote some pretty … Continue reading

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The Push

Ephrata, Pa. – It was a cold, gray Saturday morning in early February, and we were about 25 miles into a very hilly 45-mile ride from Ephrata up to Texter Mountain. I’d begun lagging behind my buddies because of some … Continue reading

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Your Business Needs a Writer: 5 Reasons Why

In this modern era of the Interwebs, every business is a publishing business. As a result, instead of being clustered exclusively at magazines and newspapers, writers are finding their way into into a variety of companies, whose owners are finding … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Lee messes with our bridges

On Sunday morning, after the water had gone back down from Tropical Storm Lee flooding, I rode around on my bike taking pics with my phone cam. First, I wanted to see what was left of the Siegrist’s Mill covered … Continue reading

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Mild-mannered grass trimmer becomes wild stupid dangerous thing

In the wrong hands, this hot-rod handheld Sears trimmer could be, uh, harmful. Especially with the lawyer-approved safety switch removed. Hey, I was looking at it and it broke, OK? What could be called a shocking transformation started innocently enough: … Continue reading

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Don’t care about bikes? Watch TDF anyway

You see a lot of great images while helicopters are flying around during the Tour de France… it’s enough to make a person want to visit the country. Much varied terrain and rural beauty. It seems there’s a castle (“chateau”) … Continue reading

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A Raider, a Prius and a Charger walk into a bar.

The Prius and the Charger immediately hook up, of course… Sorry. Here’s the real story, which involves how I got to ride in all three of the above yesterday. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, sunny and cool, nobody to … Continue reading

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