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A Raider, a Prius and a Charger walk into a bar.

The Prius and the Charger immediately hook up, of course… Sorry. Here’s the real story, which involves how I got to ride in all three of the above yesterday. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, sunny and cool, nobody to … Continue reading

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Recently I’ve been studying Stoicism. The Stoics had an exercise called Turning the Obstacle Upside Down, which is supposed to give you a new, shiny, positive handle on the situation, but which in practice just  makes the cat really mad. … Continue reading

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Cash For Clunkers Means Throwing Away Good Cars, Parts

I just posted the following as a comment to a great article entitled Is Cash for Clunkers Stimulating the Economy? The wastefulness of destroying perfectly serviceable cars is unconscionable. For every Explorer engine that’s intentionally ruined by being run to destruction … Continue reading

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The Soul of an Old Machine

Here’s a fundamental truth about Twitter: a bird can’t tweet with a worm in its beak. Sure enough, the busier I get, the less time I have to drop what I”m doing (even for 30 seconds) and send updates to my microblog. … Continue reading

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Five Vehicular Hiccups in P-cola

During a recent visit with my son in toasty (95F +) Pensacola, I spotted an assortment of unusual vehicles as I walked, ran and rode around. How toasty was it? As Dave McBride from News Radio 1620, said one day, … Continue reading

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