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Where Will Lance Armstrong Go From Here?

Non-cycling friends and relatives have been cautiously asking what I think about Lance Armstrong for a while now. I’d been rooting for him ever since I saw him and Frankie Andreu race in the streets of Lancaster, PA around the … Continue reading

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The Push

Ephrata, Pa. – It was a cold, gray Saturday morning in early February, and we were about 25 miles into a very hilly 45-mile ride from Ephrata up to Texter Mountain. I’d begun lagging behind my buddies because of some … Continue reading

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Don’t care about bikes? Watch TDF anyway

You see a lot of great images while helicopters are flying around during the Tour de France… it’s enough to make a person want to visit the country. Much varied terrain and rural beauty. It seems there’s a castle (“chateau”) … Continue reading

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Recently I’ve been studying Stoicism. The Stoics had an exercise called Turning the Obstacle Upside Down, which is supposed to give you a new, shiny, positive handle on the situation, but which in practice just  makes the cat really mad. … Continue reading

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The Soul of an Old Machine

Here’s a fundamental truth about Twitter: a bird can’t tweet with a worm in its beak. Sure enough, the busier I get, the less time I have to drop what I”m doing (even for 30 seconds) and send updates to my microblog. … Continue reading

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Grate Problem to Have on a Beautiful Day

I was fortunate to be able to take a little bike ride this morning. Well, maybe not so little. (More on that later.) On Route 441, not far south of the Route 23 intersection, there’s a storm sewer grate that’s … Continue reading

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City Rat Bike

I’m always on the lookout for interesting bikes whenever I get downtown.  Most any bike one sees chained up on the sidewalk is a beater, but a few of them are elegant as well. Last week in downtown Lancaster, Mary … Continue reading

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