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Recently I’ve been studying Stoicism. The Stoics had an exercise called Turning the Obstacle Upside Down, which is supposed to give you a new, shiny, positive handle on the situation, but which in practice just ┬ámakes the cat really mad. … Continue reading

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CUPRAP II: PR Survival Tactics at Temple

In CUPRAP One, I promised some specifics from the speakers at their recent workshop . Millions are struggling with how to implement social media in business, and I found that– for the most part– ┬áthese expert communicators for academic institutions … Continue reading

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CUPRAP and the Perfect Storm, Part I

The Great Recession plucked me from a marketing position earlier this year and flung me back into the world of freelance. This unexpected change has had its good and bad aspects; one of the good is a more flexible schedule. … Continue reading

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