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Where Will Lance Armstrong Go From Here?

Non-cycling friends and relatives have been cautiously asking what I think about Lance Armstrong for a while now. I’d been rooting for him ever since I saw him and Frankie Andreu race in the streets of Lancaster, PA around the … Continue reading

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Comcast Coughs Up Free A/B Switch

Update: This A/B switch episode finally ends with today’s post, third in a series that began with Sentient Life Not Found via Email at Comcast, then progressed to Found: Sentient Life at Comcast before ending up here. It  started when … Continue reading

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Found: Sentient Life at Comcast

Rhonda from Comcast Corporate is one nice lady. Between the phone message she left last night and the pleasant conversation we just had, it feels like I’ve been thanked for being a Comcast customer about a zillion times. She promised to … Continue reading

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Sentient Life Not Available via Email at Comcast

This email thread is classic Comcast. You have to read the whole thing.  In the interest of full disclosure: I have copied it word for word and made very few changes, except for flipping it so that it’s in chronological … Continue reading

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Dumb Suburban Guy Makes Up 3 Rules for Tweeting

“PEOPLE LOVE LISTS,” the gruff, cigar-chewing editor-in-chief was shouting into the spittle-flecked mouthpiece. “GIVE ‘EM LISTS.”  Ever since that ear-opener from my stinky old boss many years ago, I’ve done my best to write coherent, compelling prose without gratuitously embedding … Continue reading

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Cash For Clunkers Means Throwing Away Good Cars, Parts

I just posted the following as a comment to a great article entitled Is Cash for Clunkers Stimulating the Economy? The wastefulness of destroying perfectly serviceable cars is unconscionable. For every Explorer engine that’s intentionally ruined by being run to destruction … Continue reading

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The Code Under your Hood

I want to start this blog with a post advocating clean, compliant source code. A Web page is just TV to many people. Who cares what the underlying markup looks like? Well, that’s like hitting the car wash regularly but never … Continue reading

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