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Your Business Needs a Writer: 5 Reasons Why

In this modern era of the Interwebs, every business is a publishing business. As a result, instead of being clustered exclusively at magazines and newspapers, writers are finding their way into into a variety of companies, whose owners are finding … Continue reading

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CUPRAP and the Perfect Storm, Part I

The Great Recession plucked me from a marketing position earlier this year and flung me back into the world of freelance. This unexpected change has had its good and bad aspects; one of the good is a more flexible schedule. … Continue reading

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Has Twitter’s Epic Fail Begun?

A friend and business associate asked me what I thought of Michael Schutzler’s recent post  #twitter bullshit math? If you don’t have time to read it, here’s the abridged version: once the novelty wears off, Twitter will be nothing more than a cool … Continue reading

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Dumb Suburban Guy Makes Up 3 Rules for Tweeting

“PEOPLE LOVE LISTS,” the gruff, cigar-chewing editor-in-chief was shouting into the spittle-flecked mouthpiece. “GIVE ‘EM LISTS.”  Ever since that ear-opener from my stinky old boss many years ago, I’ve done my best to write coherent, compelling prose without gratuitously embedding … Continue reading

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The Soul of an Old Machine

Here’s a fundamental truth about Twitter: a bird can’t tweet with a worm in its beak. Sure enough, the busier I get, the less time I have to drop what I”m doing (even for 30 seconds) and send updates to my microblog. … Continue reading

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Feed Them Horse Tweets

I’m banging this out at the end of the day. I’m becoming a little bit less of a clueless Twitter newbie, and I wanted to record my thoughts. Here are five things to consider about Twitter as you ease into … Continue reading

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Dr. Twitter, I Presume?

Machete in hand, the intrepid explorer hacks his way slowly through the social media jungle, pausing now and again, cocking an ear to new sounds from the canopy. Hey, what’s that twittering noise? It’s getting too loud to ignore… The … Continue reading

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