Mild-mannered grass trimmer becomes wild stupid dangerous thing

Hot rod trimmer

Good things come in multiples of three.

In the wrong hands, this hot-rod handheld Sears trimmer could be, uh, harmful. Especially with the lawyer-approved safety switch removed. Hey, I was looking at it and it broke, OK?

What could be called a shocking transformation started innocently enough: the battery died.

I liked the trimmer, but a new 6-volt battery cost about $30, which is most of what I paid for the whole thing. Since I already own two extra trimming heads and I like how the hedge clipper attachment works, I didn’t want to give up on it, but neither did I want to fork over $30 for another wimpy NiMH that would just croak in a couple years.

An epiphany ran through me like an electric eel on Ex-Lax. I realized I had a spare 18-volt battery for my Ryobi drill! And I don’t have to pay a plugged nickel for it. After the initial euphoria, however, I approached the first test with trepidation. One doesn’t lightly TRIPLE the voltage to a motor and expect good things.

But it works. Oh, yeah. This high-rpm tool flat annihilates grass. I’ve trimmed around the house three times this summer, and it hasn’t overheated or exploded yet. Perhaps that’s because I’ve learned to use it in short bursts, like a machine gun.

You say you want video of this thing in action? That can be arranged. Y’all leave me a comment below.

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  1. ken says:

    Postlogue: I should have worried more about the 18-volt battery… not made for such a fast drain. Kind of gets real hot on the charger, and won’t keep a charge now. Fortunately I have a second one that I’ll keep far away from the trimmer…

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