My 3 Worst Blog Posts EVER

Smacking forehead
I started my personal blog about everything, called MacroBlog, in May 2009, not long after my job succumbed to the slow asphyxiation of the the Great Recession.

In the following three and a half years I (a) wrote some pretty good stuff, (b) spun off two other blogs, and, and (c) produced my three worst blog posts ever. How bad?

They’re so bad that after conducting a thorough review, I had to take them down. How is this possible for a fabulously talented writer, you surely are asking yourself? Or for someone like me, even? Read on:

Poor1. Still not rich at 59. What? Macroblog is supposed to be about “everything,” but one assumes that “interesting” and “relevant” are part of the mix too. Unfortunately, I veered into areas of absolutely no interest to anyone, like why ain’t I rich? And how come I’m this old?

What was I thinking? People want to read about HOW I GOT RICH and HOW I STAY YOUNG so they can do the same. Nearly two years after writing it I almost choked on a meatball because the idea was so obviously wrong.

2. This Post Will Make Me Unpopular
unpopularStriking once again, I followed my laser-like instinct for the unreadable in a rant about grammatical errors on the Web. I complained about bloggers writing “loose” for “lose, misusing “it’s,” and introducing the letter “a” to the word “definitely.”

It’s a valid topic. The problem is, my post wasn’t fun to read. These things must be written carefully. After all, everyone makes mistakes at the keyboard. It’s sooo easy to come off crabby and superior… as in this post. (For a counterexample, read this post about bad English.)

In the end, I just wanted to smack the writer with my sauce-covered fork. After some internal negotiation, I settled on a sweaty palm to the forehead.

shameless3. A Word From The Shameless Commerce Division
Beyond the naked theft of the title from Car Talk, the whole idea of this post is a big FAIL. I came off as ambivalent, discussing my mixed feelings about being a shy person who produced and sent out a self-promotional postcard. I’d like to say re-reading this propelled a strand of spaghetti out one nostril, but in truth it was more of a slow, heavy queasy feeling that began squeezing my vitals until something had to give.

The takeaways:
oneConduct periodic reviews of past posts if your blog is more than a year or two old. With the perspective of time you can be the cigar-chomping editor (Perry White in Superman, J. Jonah Jameson in Spider Man) whose jaundiced eye makes it possible to identify and get rid of writing that’s bad, poorly conceived, or just out of date.



Its probably best not to review old posts while eating Italian food.


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