Tropical Storm Lee messes with our bridges

Demise of Siegrist's Mill Covered Bridge

Siegrist's Mill Covered Bridge on Sunday, 9/11/11

On Sunday morning, after the water had gone back down from Tropical Storm Lee flooding, I rode around on my bike taking pics with my phone cam. First, I wanted to see what was left of the Siegrist’s Mill covered bridge, built in 1885 and swept off its foundations several days ago.

Second, I wanted to ride down Pinkerton Road along the creek and see the damage to the stone bridge. I’ve now posted three photos from that scene.

In one of the panoramic shots, a beautiful inset marble slab shows the date of the bridge, the contractor’s name, and the names of the county commissioners.

Stone bridge on Pinkerton Road

The stone bridge on Pinkerton is still passable on foot or by bike. Obviously the road is badly damaged.

Information stone in Pinkerton Road bridge

This bridge was 128 years old when damaged by Tropical Storm Lee.

Another view of the Pinkerton Road bridge

Another view of the approach.

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  1. Thanks again for letting us use your photo! It’s great!

  2. kstadden says:


    Glad it’s of use to you. Covered bridge restoration is a wonderful thing!


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